Chlorine dioxide disinfectant

Add Time:2023-02-16
chlorine dixoide granule for small space air disinfection
1.Long-term effect, release time 90 ~180 days;
2.Easy use;
3.No color, no odor, safe and no irritation.
 Hang close to vent of air conditioner, purifying air in the room;
 Put in wardrobe, removing formaldehyde, disinfecting and anti-mold;
 In boxes for carrying clothing or shoes and hats, disinfecting and anti-mold, remove odor;
In reservoirs for vegetable or fruits, disinfecting and fresh-keeping;
In freezer or refrigerating cabinet, disinfecting, removing odor;
 As personal hanger in front of chest, preventing epidemic, purifying unclean air;
In restroom or other small space, purifying air, reduce possibility of occur of disease;
In vehicle, purifying air.


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