chlorine dixoide granule for small space air disinfection

Add Time:2023-02-28
Chlorine dioxide is well-known as a kind of safe, effective, quick and broad spectrum disinfectant in the world. It can release oxygen atoms with strong oxidizing capacity, which can quickly and efficiently prevent the synthesis of protein of microorganism. Chlorine dioxide is a good sterilization agent against bacteria, mold, fungi, virus, as well as endospore. Meanwhile, Chlorine dioxide is able to purify air by oxidizing the substance which can release odor, for instance formaldehyde.
1.   USAGE
Unpack the outside plastic bag, put it directly into the space.
Ø  Long-term effect, release time 90 ~180 days;
Ø  Easy use;
Ø  No color, no odor, safe and no irritation.
3.     PACKAGE
20g/bag,30g/bag,2kg/bag,Or according to customer need.

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