Chlorine Dioxide Gel Powder

Add Time:2023-04-12
Ø Release chlorine dioxide gas at a stable and even rate, which is parallel to the time-consuming;
Ø Long-term effect, release time: 20~30 days;
Ø Easy use
Ø Disinfecting and removing odor in home, hospital, office, public space;
Ø Disinfecting and fresh-keeping during the transportation and storage of vegetable and fruits;
Ø In freezer, refrigerating cabinet, disinfecting, removing odor;
Fresh-keeping and removing odor of meat, processed foods during storage at cooling condition
Ø Add 150g water into a plastic or glass vessel;
Ø Put one bag of product into the water, stir (or not) till powder was completely dissolved, a gel is received in 10 minutes.
Ø Put the vessel of gel into the space, which need to be disinfected.
Ø The color of gel gradually becomes yellow from white at the very beginning and release active chlorine dioxide gas at the same time till the gel shrink due to dehydration and fade completely to white. Then a new gel could be used.
20g/plastic bag or 30g/plastic bag,or according to the customer.

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