The "Huangshan Exploration" of New Industrialization

Add Time:2017-06-16
Woman: Do you have a room?
Male: There is no female: Do you have a car?
Male: There is no female: Will it be humorous?
Male: No female: What would you do?
Man: I...
The woman turned around and left. Suddenly the boy said: I am a designer.
The girl immediately turned around and hugged the boy, and said with a face full of admiration: Idiot, I said earlier, it is enough to live such a hard job!

A designer forgets to sleep and eats and ends up in a deep coma
The doctor used various methods to wake up the boss: get up, Party A said that the plan has been set, and if it doesn't change, he wakes up.

"I want to be a designer, do I have to be creative first?"
"Wrong, you have to be in good health first"

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