The 2nd National Industrial Robot Skills Competition finals ended

Add Time:2017-06-01
Client: What design software do you use?
Design Lion: PS Client: Why are you still using PS? Advanced design has been using Photoshop a long time ago. Can you change this software for me?
Design Lion: Actually these two customers are the same: not the same! Photoshop sounds more advanced. Some design lions: It might have to increase the budget. After all...Software senior customers: No problem. Design lions: We also have more advanced design software Adobe Photoshop. Do you want to use it?
Client: Yes, as long as it is advanced, budget is not a problem. Design Lion: In that case, we also have a brand new imported Adobe Photoshop 2020, all in English, which can be said to be quite advanced. Would you like to use it?
Client: Yes, I told you that, the more advanced the better, the budget is not a problem. Design Lion: Good!

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