The first domestic demonstration line to showcase Industry 4.0 production technology will be unveiled

Add Time:2017-06-01
Client: There is a problem with that picture. Design Lion: What's wrong? Where is the problem?
Client: I want to be transparent, don't be like this with checkered
Design Lion: This is transparent
Client: Is it because my eyes are bad or your eyes are bad? Or do you not understand transparency?
Design Lion:...

Design Lion: I have finished the design drawing. WeChat will send you a look at the client: How can the drawing you sent me look so vague!
Design Lion: No, it's 300dpi high resolution now. Client: Why don't you try to adjust it to 500. Design Lion: It's 500. Now it should be clear enough. Client: Why is it still blurry?
Design Lion: Open the picture and click to view the original picture. Client: Oh, it's okay now.

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