Environmental protection and high pressure support the price of industrial products

Add Time:2017-06-01
Client: I found a problem with the website Designer: Where is the problem?
Client: The colors are wrong, the fonts are wrong, and the company is wrong. We haven't confirmed this design. How can we do it?
Designer: You can take a screenshot and take a look at the client: Screenshot.jpg
Designer: Your website link is entered wrong, the correct link is this client: Okay, thank you, it's done so soon

Recently, a few friends called me and asked me which major should I choose after my child finished the college entrance examination and asked me how to study design?
As a person familiar with the matter, I answered them: I cannot make generalizations about whether I am applying for a major in design. It depends on the circumstances of my family and myself, and specific issues need to be analyzed in detail.
For example, if the child is born, try to leave

A: Is it really bad to design? I still want to be in this industry
B: The design is actually quite good, it saves money on shampoo

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