Environmental protection and high pressure support the price of industrial products

Add Time:2017-06-01
Client: When can your drawing be designed?
Designer: Maybe you can be a good customer before work: Send me an email when you are done!
Designer: Okay, I'll send it to you before we finish work.
(The next day)
Client: It's noon the next day, why haven't you received your picture? Didn't you say that you posted it after work yesterday?
Designer: I haven't got off work yet...

Colleague: I heard that there is no need to change the plan
Designer: Really!?
Colleague: Well, the client said that the change was too big, so he simply redoed the designer:...

The designer's monologue:
Party A abused me thousands of times, and I treated Party A like first love.
One day I will be the first party, and I will abuse the design institutes all over the world.

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